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Our Conceptual Site Design Services

"Design - build" is a project delivery system used to complete a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity, the design-build contractor. Thedesign-build process relies on a single point of responsibility contract and is used to minimize risks for the project owner, to reduce the length of the completion schedule while keeping the project costs within contol.
"Design- build with its single point responsibility carries the clearest contractual remedies for the clients because the DB contractor will be responsible for all of the work on the project, regardless of the nature of the fault". Note [1]

The traditional approach for construction projects consists of the appointment of a designer on one side, and the appointment of a contractor on the other side. The design-build procurement route changes the traditional sequence of work. It answers the client's wishes for a single-point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risks and overall costs.

Mancini Building Contractors, Inc offers "design-build" services to all clients understanding that they require their projects to be under control both financially and throughout the completion of the project.

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